Rasayanam Institute is a Hybrid learning platform (Online + Offline), which is set to bring about a revolution education space. We, at Rasayanam, always keep ‘Student First’ and strive hard to continue to meet the needs of our students and their parents. Our emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of teaching, result-oriented test preparation, healthy competitive environment, and expert cum experienced faculty has helped us garner the trust of millions of students and parents.

In today’s time, excess of content available in both online and offline mode but Learning with Laughing is the basic Mantra of teaching at Rasayanam Institute. Each chapter in Subject is loaded with unique antics. Our model stands on pillars of mentorship, consistency, accountability and self-awareness which seem to have lost its meaning in the era of online education, which we are striving to revive through our efforts, hard work and commitment.

Innovations in teaching and learning play a crucial role in improving student learning outcomes by making a difference in the way students think and approach their subjects. Our teaching methodologies and processes are designed in such a way that every student gets individual attention, conceptual clarity and practical knowledge that help in nurturing successful lifelong learners and creating examples of academic excellence.

Our goal is not only to educate and aware students and teachers and help them chart a right path, but also to bring a shift in mindset and belief to transform the education system. 

We provide our services through classroom, digital and distance learning programs. Our Classroom Learning Programs ensure personalized attention and aim at developing the conceptual knowledge of our students. Our Digital Programs allow students to engage in self-paced learning and are quite popular among the tech-savvy generation.

Our Distance Learning Programs deliver the same content as delivered in classrooms in a cost-effective way and help students to study at their own pace and convenience. We also individually monitor our Distant Learners the same as we monitor our Classroom students or Digitally learners.

Rasayanam presently offers DLP, online and offline learning courses to students from Classes 11th and 12th, with simultaneous preparation of competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET and CUET.

We also offer Short Term Courses for students who wish to brush up their knowledge just before the exams and gain an extra edge. As an organization, Rasayanam is not just a centre run by an individual teacher, but a mature academic system developed and maintained by its own management and academic operations team.